Sunday, 20 February 2011

I can wear all the hats!

Back in November, a little downbeat and before I had decided to re launch BookaCook, I had an e-mail from a lady requesting catering help for her husband's 40th Birthday party. At the time, I was not so sure I really wanted to get into all the shopping/cooking/pressure of dinner party catering again, but decided to say yes anyway, it may just help me get on my feet again. I planned a great menu with them, including two of her Aussie husband's favourite dishes,Slow Cooked Lamb with a Sticky Red Wine Reduction and Pavlova and filed the booking away.
So last night came the big event, a dinner party for 14, preceded by a cooking class with 3 of the ladies. A busy week for me leading up to it, juggling the children, school runs, after school clubs and selling a house, shopping and preparing plus other meetings - I felt was this really something I could fit into my already hectic life?! Was my catering business a step too far for me right now? Was I mad to think I could wear all the hats?Could I do this again without having a breakdown!

Feeling a little nervous (I always have huge adrenalin before events) I arrived at the party venue. I got organised in their kitchen - which I have to say was the most orderly tidy kitchen I have seen in a long while! I thought I was good, man, this lady could give classes on how to stack a cupboard! I quickly slipped back into my old style, relaxing in the company of 3 fabulous ladies, who had all bought matching pinnies for the cookery class, they looked fab! We got to work on the canapes for the evening, a pure pleasure for them, as they knew they would be eating their works of art later. They loved it, learned new tricks, and so did I.
Cooking lesson over, I got down to the real hot stuff and put out a fantastic 3 course dinner, all on time with no hitches. I have to admit I was helped by my great friend Steph, who was my amazing waitress, dishwasher and fab all rounder.
 In between the main course and dessert, I took a step back from the cooker, I had a quick moment to myself and thought - Yes Emma, you really are doing the right thing here, cooking is my passion, I love it and had forgotten the buzz I get when doing it professionally. Running a home and business is a balancing act, but with excellent support from my husband, I know I am doing the right thing! I consider myself lucky, how many people really love what they do and earn a living from it?
So I am really very pleased that Laura found me last November, otherwise I may never have given this another go. More importantly, Laura is incredibly pleased she found me - along with all her guests, who all gave us a round of applause before we left - a triumph! And the Pavlova - Well, it lived up to the Aussie's expectations, just as well I made an extra large one!

What a Beauty! 
Strawberry, Raspberry & Pomegranite Pavlova
      Gone in 60 seconds!

So today, although tired, I have been planning the business, I am raring to go and loving being back in the driving seat once again. I have bookings coming in and I am not afraid to take them! Pass me the washing up hat please, my day is not over yet!

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