Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Courgettes Jim's style - easy supper

OK, getting used to this technology, but very pleased with myself I have come this far. Just making supper, its a healthy one tonight. Hope you enjoy this recipe. I first tried it on Scilly, made with freshly picked courgettes from Sarah's dad's allotment, I am trying to recreate a taste of Scilly! Enjoy

3 0r 4 courgettes, sliced in half
crushed garlic
2 shallots or onion finely diced
Rock salt and ground black pepper
Fresh baby plum or cherry tomatoes
Any fresh herbs you have such as basil, coriander, lemon thyme chives, oregano etc
glug of olive oil (use sparingly if dieting!)
grated cheese optional

Place sliced courgettes in a oven proof dish
sprinkle garlic, onion, herbs & tomatoes and top with a drizzle of oil. Season
Cover with foil and place in preheated oven (180)for 20 mins,
Take out of oven, top with grated cheese and place under a grill for 5 mins until bubbling and lightly coloured.

Tonight my courgettes will be served with a herbed breast of Turkey, no carbs for me today, but may have to mop up the juices with some bread if I cannot resist!!

In between childcare duties today, I have contacted several local business about the cooking classes, positive feedback, so looking forward to a busy few months ahead. Just getting copy done for some local advertising. Any suggestions welcome to boost interest.

BookaCook Blogspot: BookaCook is Back to Business!

BookaCook Blogspot: BookaCook is Back to Business!: "I have been meaning to get this going for some time. Now with children in school and only 1 toddler in the house, here I go! On my quest to..."

Monday, 6 September 2010

BookaCook is Back to Business!

I have been meaning to get this going for some time. Now with children in school and only 1 toddler in the house,  here I go!
On my quest to build my own business from home, I am documenting the highs and lows as I go. Challenges face us mums who wish to start a business, childcare being the primary, time coming a close second! I should just say now that my business is not in its infancy, it is already 4 years old, however, I took a break after having baby no 3, so my efforts are now focussed on getting it booted up and started again.
I love cooking and have a mix of professional training in the kitchen coupled with years of self teaching and experience. I run BookaCook, a fab catering business, creating beautiful home made food for a variety of events such as weddings, dinner parties, and special occasions. I also run Apple Tree Cookery Classes as part of the same business, showing small classes of novice and keen cooks great new menu ideas.
So in between the housework, the childcare and the taxi service I lovingly provide for my boys, I am in full swing of ramping up BookaCook! I hope you will follow me on my journey. Tips, comments and advice gratefully received!