Thursday, 25 August 2011

Supper Club at Cafe 109

I came across the term ‘Supper Club’ one day when researching for a Moroccan themed dinner party and found a website with a review about the ‘underground restaurant’ movement. A lady known as MsMarmite started one of the UK’s very first Supper Clubs and currently is at the forefront of the underground food movement, encouraging others and giving advice to start their own clubs, as well as running her own club called MsMarmite’s Underground Restaurant.  I had no idea that these underground eateries were emerging as a more popular than ever way to dine out in the city, and now across many parts of the UK. Instead of you forking out a fortune to eat out at a well known restaurant, pay through the nose for a good bottle of wine and be none too impressed with the service, a supper club aims to please on all levels. For example, you are asked to bring your own wine or tipple of your choice, you are usually treated to a gastronomic delight made with passion by a non professional chef, served with gusto by an equally enthusiastic host. Nothing is too much bother, the food is unusual and fabulous, the other diners soon become your friends, and it is nearly impossible to get a table for the next weeks sitting. At the end of the evening, you are asked to contribute a minimum fee, and you pay whatever you think it was worth. A Supper Club is a place to socialise and enjoy real food.

Most clubs are hosted in the front room or kitchen of a private residence, there is no formality to the crockery, cutlery and glass wear. It will be decorated with fresh flowers and candle light. Some times live music is played. What is slightly different about my supper club at Café 109, it is not held in my house! (we have just moved to a very small house!) Fortunately I have a great little Café on the high street that lends itself perfectly to host an informal evening of fun and fabulous food. So not entirely in keeping with the traditional supper club, but my Café is small and quaint and I like to make people feel at home!
My first evening will start with a welcome glass of bubbly enjoyed with a selection of Tapas. I will be offering a set 3 course menu, no theme decided as yet, but I love to cook seasonally so will be using whatever is in abundance at the time. I will ask my allotment friends for any glut of produce to make things as fresh & local as possible. I have to like everything I cook, so the menu may very well feature chocolate as some point!
Numbers are limited and with bookings made already, I see this supper club as the first of many more to come. I am so looking forward to it, I can’t wait! For more info, please call me on 01495760222 or look me up on Face book

MsMarmite's Underground Restaurant