Sunday, 2 October 2011

The First Cafe 109 Supper Club

The first Cafe 109 supper club had been planned with military precision. Menus organised, extra glassware, plates etc sourced and most importantly food prepared. Staff on the ball and we were ready to rock at opening time.

The cafe took on a whole new look, soft lighting, candles and wild flowers on the tables. I did have a little panic about arranging the layout of the room so we could fit all 20 ladies in, it was a little tight, but close is intimate! 

Upon arrival guests were treated to a late summer fruit cocktail with marinated raspberries, nibbles of toasted flat bread, olives and dips of baba Ganoush and lemon & coriander hummus.

Ladies all became acquainted, and the sound of laughter and chat soon put me at ease. Service commenced.

A starter of warm spinach and feta fattayer served with sweet potato and rocket salad. Clean plates and yum yum sounds confirmed it was a hit. One of the girls said they would never have put that combination together and didn't think it would be to their liking but were happily surprised, even asking for the recipe.

With starters cleared away, onto the main of thyme and lemon spiced chicken with a lemon and sumac reduction. Side of sautéed courgette, onion and green beans, smoked paprika roasted new potatoes. 

Dessert was an adapted parfait recipe, made with almond, sesame and peanut butter. It was decorated with a sesame caramel brittle and rosewater and chocolate sauce. A huge hit!

To celebrate the middle eastern theme, I found a local belly dancer to give a 10 minute demo. She hold classes locally, it finished off the evening a treat! The guests loved the unexpected entertainment, laughing uncontrollably at some stages of the demo due to extreme movements and teetering wine glasses going flying!

So the first supper club at cafe109 came to a close, what a great success. So many positive comments and names on the list for the next one, even a BookaCook dinner party booking, definitely proof of the pudding!!

Theme for the October supper club is Italian.

To book your place for the next event, please go to Cafe109 Facebook page. 

13th October 2011 7.30 arrival for sit down at 8pm.