Friday, 4 February 2011

Being Social

So when I decided to re boot my BookaCook business just before Christmas, I did not have a great marketing strategy, just knew that the internet needed to play a part in growing the business. I did not have a clue about social media networking, so am very pleased with myself for recently stepping up and actively tweeting. I have increased followers to over 100 in the first week, and am amazed at the power of this tool we all have free use of. I do have to confess though, it is not all my own doing! I was fortunate enough to meet a fabulous mum at my local  Welsh business mums networking group (that I founded in Oct2010) who makes this whole Twitter Facebook thing look as simple as drinking a cup of tea. Iona and I struck a deal and she is currently helping me promote my business to the world, I am helping her in the catering department! And what an amazing week it has been, I may be on holiday, but business hasn't stopped. Party bookings for both BookaCook and Little Chef cooking parties, collaborations with 3 local businesses and a photoshoot to attend when I get back. The power of social media has amazed me, if this is what can be achieved in a week, imagine 6 weeks time! If anyone wants the number of a fab on the ball social media whizz, Tweet Iona @revealmedia.

Just thought I should mention that since I have been home staying with my mum on hols, we have had 3 very nostalgic puddings - all of which remind me of when I was knee high.Sitting at the table this week, we have all laughed so much thinking back to the old days! Funny how food can evoke so many memories. So I urge you to try  one of these - Chocolate Bread and butter pudding, Rice Pudding (with plenty of nutmeg and a thick skin!) and Whoppie (dessert speciality of my late Grandma Beach) and see what happens! I guarantee laughter and a full tummy!

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