Sunday, 17 July 2011

Cafe 109 - 2 weeks in and still breathing!

Ok, 2 weeks in to opening Café 109 and I am half a stone lighter, several bags heavier under the eyes, but happy to realise one of my goals! No one said it was going to be easy, in fact my husband said "are you sure you want to do this" about 100 times and each time I said yes, so I just need to disguise the bags and buy some smaller clothes!

In the short two weeks since getting the keys,  Café 109 has catered a marquee event for 80, has provided a fabulous vegetarian buffet for 70, done a dinner party for 8 and managed to keep hold of old customers and gain new ones! The café has transformed the old tired menu, we have given it a new coat of paint, planted new flower pots, had a deep clean and have managed to eliminate the smell of old fat with beautiful fresh flowers. 

I have a fantastic right hand man/girl who is not only great in the shop but a natural with the 3 year old, so both are taken care of in full confidence. In fact my 2 older boys love the fact they now have a place to come for tea, Saturday breaskfast and earn some pocket money! 

 I am avidly planning the future of Café 109, loads of ideas to encourage family dining and give an overhaul to fresh food delivery in the area. Supper nights planned as well as installing WIFI to encourage business meetings in the clean bright coffee shop.

Mondays are activity days for mums and toddlers, offering cake and cookies and a place to meet and play safely and sociably.

Café 109 is also an excellent venue to host my Forever Business presentations, it is amazing how I have already met 5 people who want to improve their life and boost their income by taking a look at Forever.

So all in all, a fabulous hectic couple of weeks, I have enjoyed every minute and so pleased I took the plunge. Anyone recommend a good concealer!!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New Business Premises

Well, long time no blog. Been a very busy few months for BookaCook. Moved house, catered numerous events and parties and bought a cafe to house the BookaCook business.
The purchase of a new cafe happened rather unexpectedly, and rather quickly. I had seen a For Sale sign in the window of the local cafe and thought I should take a look. It seemed perfect for what I needed. Plenty of seating space, functional kitchen, up to date equipment and a fabulous coffee machine. The lady who was selling was closing the next day, I said I wanted it and the deal was done! I had the keys 2 days later and opened for business. Some times when you think too long about an opportunity, you can talk yourself into the reasons why you shouldn't be going for it. With only 2 days to exchange the lease agreement, I only had positive thoughts and looked at how much this could change the way I run my business for the better.

So 1 week in, the cafe is busy, new trade and some old regulars too. The place has been blitzed and little by little change is taking place. Cafe 109 is the place to come for fresh home cooked lunches, delicious cakes and lovely coffee. The cafe is a great meeting place in the village and I hope to encourage old and young customers alike, I have a box of toys in the corner to keep the children happy and have a great healthy children's menu. We also serve free smiles!

BookaCook is set up now to take your party bookings, either in the comfort of your own home or make use of the facilities in the cafe. Its bright, clean and welcoming and can be decorated to create a lovely venue. It seats 20 comfortably.

The Supper club is on its way - a monthly evening 3 course dinner to be held at Cafe 109. BYO - What fun!

Please come along and say Hi, have a cupcake, sit back, relax and enjoy!

            CAFE 109....... THE HIGHWAY.......... NEW INN.......... PONTYPOOL........... NP40PJ