Sunday, 17 July 2011

Cafe 109 - 2 weeks in and still breathing!

Ok, 2 weeks in to opening Café 109 and I am half a stone lighter, several bags heavier under the eyes, but happy to realise one of my goals! No one said it was going to be easy, in fact my husband said "are you sure you want to do this" about 100 times and each time I said yes, so I just need to disguise the bags and buy some smaller clothes!

In the short two weeks since getting the keys,  Café 109 has catered a marquee event for 80, has provided a fabulous vegetarian buffet for 70, done a dinner party for 8 and managed to keep hold of old customers and gain new ones! The café has transformed the old tired menu, we have given it a new coat of paint, planted new flower pots, had a deep clean and have managed to eliminate the smell of old fat with beautiful fresh flowers. 

I have a fantastic right hand man/girl who is not only great in the shop but a natural with the 3 year old, so both are taken care of in full confidence. In fact my 2 older boys love the fact they now have a place to come for tea, Saturday breaskfast and earn some pocket money! 

 I am avidly planning the future of Café 109, loads of ideas to encourage family dining and give an overhaul to fresh food delivery in the area. Supper nights planned as well as installing WIFI to encourage business meetings in the clean bright coffee shop.

Mondays are activity days for mums and toddlers, offering cake and cookies and a place to meet and play safely and sociably.

Café 109 is also an excellent venue to host my Forever Business presentations, it is amazing how I have already met 5 people who want to improve their life and boost their income by taking a look at Forever.

So all in all, a fabulous hectic couple of weeks, I have enjoyed every minute and so pleased I took the plunge. Anyone recommend a good concealer!!


  1. You doing a brill job. Could do with some weight loss myself so hopefully when im 2 weeks into my new business I will be able to report the same. As for the bags under your eyes garnier do a roll on for them. Or whilst you are cracking those eggs take a little of the egg whit and smeer it around your eyes and when it drys it gives a wonderfull tightening effect. Anusol is good too well it shrinks piles lol im being serious god giving all my tips away.....

    Was lovely to come in the day and smell that warm chocolate from the cake you were making cant wait to try your home baking.

    Have a great rest of the weekend and I will come and see you in the week

    take care
    Lou Burt

  2. Well done!! Slight envy here is in another life I'd have love to set up my own little coffee shop. Wish you were closer!